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Tied Up (Obsidian Pie) :iconwafflekiller27:WaffleKiller27 1 0
Not Easily Scared (base) :iconwafflekiller27:WaffleKiller27 1 0 Eye Bleed (IDK) :iconwafflekiller27:WaffleKiller27 0 0 Basic Heads I Use :iconwafflekiller27:WaffleKiller27 0 0 Congrats RR!!!!! - Pancakes :iconwafflekiller27:WaffleKiller27 2 0
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Full Of Balloons (Pinkamena Pie) :iconwafflekiller27:WaffleKiller27 1 1
Arguments - MLP Base :iconwafflekiller27:WaffleKiller27 0 0
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Best Oc 100000000000000000000000000000000000000/10 :iconwafflekiller27:WaffleKiller27 0 1
Tickle Monster (SCP-999) :iconwafflekiller27:WaffleKiller27 1 0 Unicorn Base :iconwafflekiller27:WaffleKiller27 0 0


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Oc Remake Of Onyx 3D

Name: Onicisu Sharlott "Kokujin" Koneko
Age: 4           Birth Day: March 22nd 2014
Gender: Female

Likes: Purple, Blue, Black, Galaxy, The Moon, Stars, The Night, Cold But Not Freezing Weather, Snow, Art (Visual And Musical/Sound), Cold Colors, Peperoni, And More.

Dislikes: Neon Red, Pink, Orange And Yellow, When It Is Completely Silent, When She Is Not Able To Sleep, When She Messes Up On Something She Is Good At, When She Cant Draw Something She Pictures In Her Head, And More.

I Hope You Like This Remake !!! :)
Kristal (Normal or Maybe Creepypasta Oc)

Name: Kristal Jade Lilac
Age: 17 1/2               Birth Day: September 21st, 1999
Gender: Female
Likes: Purple, Lilac, Violet, Waffles, Coffee, Peperoni, Band Class (In School), Flutes, Video Games, Art (Visual And Musical/Sound), And Much More

Dislikes: People Calling Her "Princess", People Who Disprove Of Artists (Visual Artists And Musical/Sound Artist), People Who Stereotype, Hackers, And More

Normal Clothes:
"Worn" Blue Jeans, Dark Gray Music Hoodie, Purple Shirt, Purple Hair Tie (Optional), Purple And Black Sneakers

1. She Is Albino.
2. She Wears Her Hair In A Pony Tail And Tucks It Into Her Hoodie So She Looks Less Like A Girl (This Is Because Of The "Princess" Thing). 

She May Become My Creepypasta OC, I Already Have An Idea For How She'll Carry Her Weapon. I Wont Spoil It Though!

Hope You Guys Like This OC :)
Friendly Fly Mlp Base - With Options!
This Took Me About A Day To Make This So If You Use It Please Comment A Link Please :D
Anyways This Base Is Only For Pegasi Or Alicorn Ocs Only Sorry. That's Why I Made he Wings Non-Optional :P
Hope You Enjoy
Oc Remade
I Worked REALLY Hard On This ;u; it took me almost a week to make....
Anyways... Its my OC Remade. Don't Ask About The Bio And Stuff Cuz She's Still Just A Self-Insert :P
She Has No Memory Of Anything That Has Happened (Even Though Nothing Did) But Her Personality Is All The Same ._.
Anyways Hope You Enjoy The New-Not-Edgy-Mc-Edge-Face-OC
Tied Up (Obsidian Pie)
Hope You Enjoy :D (I Will Make This A "series" Of Pictures Of The Pie Family)
Character Used: Obsidian Pie From The MLP Universe
I Don't Own Minkie Pie I Am Not Saying That I Own Her Nor Did I Create Her. No Copyright.
Not Easily Scared (base)
same thing happened with linework I finished then get too lazy to make the rest  ... :T welp lucky you xD
Okay, if anyone knows of any screen recorders I can use please leave a link in comments ;^; I HAVE SERCHED SO MUCH. FOUND. NOTHING.
Congrats RR!!!!! - Pancakes
Yay!!! I Finally Got To The Pancakes!!!! Idk I May Print This For You Tomorrow >w<
I Am Soooo Happy For You And Your Mum And Brothers And Dad And Anyone Else In Your Family!!!!
I Hope Your Baby Sis Is A Happy And Plump Baby >w<
Merry Birthday
Full Of Balloons (Pinkamena Pie)
I hope you enjoy :D
Character Used: Pinkamena Dian Pie From The MLP Universe
I Don't Own Pinky Pie I Am Not Saying That I Own Her Nor Did I Create Her. No Copyright.
Arguments - MLP Base
Just A Base Because I Made This Line work Then Didn't Want To Do Anything Else ... Woooo Accidental Base !! Okay Enjoy
(Please Do Not Copy, Steal, Claim As Your Own, Not Give Credit Or Anything That Is Closely Related.)
Best Oc 100000000000000000000000000000000000000/10
idk why I made this ._. please hate on it as much as possible. burn it with fire. kill it. plez just kill it.
Ahhh! Oh Nuuuu My IMVU Isnt Working ;^;
Tickle Monster (SCP-999)
Yes I Know It's Bad But I Haven't Used Paint Tin A Wile And Only Had A Little Time
Unicorn Base
Just A Quick Base
(Please Do Not Copy, Steal, Claim As Your Own, Not Give Credit Or Anything That Is Closely Related.)
Imma Just Do Some Traditional Art For Now I'm Getting Bored With Digital And I Got New Markers :P (If Anyone Knows A Store That Has A White Gel Pen Thingy {That U Can Make Wight Marks On Other Colors With [Yars Those]} Plz Tell Me xD)


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